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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Endorfin Foods Collaboration

Story by The Cupboard September 6th, 2017

Local Bean To Bar Chocolate Company

I absolutely love partnering with local businesses that align with my values and beliefs about real food - and share the passion for using whole, unprocessed, intentionally sourced ingredients to create a conscious product. Case in point, Endorfin Foods. Located in Berkeley where they make their chocolate bars from the whole (ethically sourced) beans, use coconut milk, and coconut sugar instead of the all-to-common alternatives.

I say that, but as more people start to care about where our food comes from and how it's made, it's actually becoming easier to find minimally processed cacao and bars that are cane sugar and dairy free (yay!) -- But, what sets Endorfin Foods apart are their unique bar flavors. Flavors like Absinthe, Turkish Coffee, and Mr. Pink made with pink peppercorn and Peruvian pink salt -- Endorfin has fun making chocolate.

Each month they send out two unique chocolate bars to their monthly subscribers, meaning you can't get 'em anywhere else. How cool is that?! So, in August, I visited their chocolate factory and helped refine one of their bars for that month's subscriber box.

We went with Oaktown Spice's Madras Curry (shoutout to one of my favorite spice shops) and habanero sea salt. This blend of spices adds something subtle yet notably interesting to the chocolate bars - adding a deeper flavor profile.

Curry Chocolate Cake-1.jpg
Curry Chocolate Cake-3.jpg
Curry Chocolate Cake-6.jpg

When I returned from my visit, I experimented in my kitchen and settled on this mouthwatering flourless chocolate cake recipe. Check out the full recipe on Endorfin's #slowchocolate blog! And, stay posted for more recipes in the future!

This cake takes 7 ingredients and you're welcome to replace the chocolate bar with any of Endorfin Foods bars! I've made it with their Turkish Coffee and Absinthe bars with great success (just omit the curry powder). If you love the curry aspect of this recipe, I recommend using their Pure Mylk Coconut Mylk bar.

Have fun and tag @endorfinfoods and @thecupboardsf and let us know how your cake came out!

Curry Chocolate Cake-14.jpg
Curry Chocolate Cake-12.jpg
Curry Chocolate Cake-10.jpg
San Francisco, CA, United States